Building service contract cleaning is one of the services our company provides. Our ability to provide customer satisfaction lies in the fact:-

“We are constantly improving our team by upgrading our training procedures and cleaning methods as well as our company programs, thus assuring our clients the most modern and reliable service “

Ability Electro Mechanical has established its reputation for excellence in providing top-quality janitorial service. We have a mission to provide the highest quality service for a clean, safe and controlled environment. We promise that Ability Electro Mechanical personnel will strive to meet and exceed your expectations in any and all ways


Our emphasis is on providing a complete specialized service based on having a detailed knowledge of all aspects of the cleaning business

We can clean wood, brick, vinyl siding, stucco, concrete, pools, patios, decks, piers, outdoor furniture, windows, doors and much more! Any building, any size!

Ability Electro Mechanical will relieve you of the problems associated with housekeeping and janitorial services. You will not have to worry about

  • Staffing
  • Payroll
  • Supplies
  • Management

Because we take care of it all for you. Take comfort in the fact that we are providing the best possible service at the best possible price.

Building Owners and Managers

We believe in the fact that the cleaning contractor must provide a self-managed service. This means that you, the client, intend to manage results not process.

It is our intent that the property manager should monitor minimal data and be involved by exception only.

Thus our clients get the best of both worlds, the contractor they want to work with and a self managed Contract that is viable and sustainable.

  • Non-disruptive contract adjustments.
  • Minimal time commitment from property managers.
  • Digital photographs and inspection of day of startup.
  • Collaborative problem solving sessions
  • Contractor and property management to establish early success.
  • Follow up meeting to ensure standards are met and quality processes are in place.